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Hi, I’m Catherine and I run YOGI’S. I’m a qualified Yoga & Mindfulness teacher for
children and adults. I run Well-Being Programs for Teaching Staff (see for more details on this) as well as the yoga sessions for children and teens.

I’ve always been passionate about achieving a positive combination of education and
well-being for children. So not only focusing on their academic development, but
also ensuring they enjoy being confident, healthy and well-balanced individuals.

I believe that every child wants and needs to play, move and learn; and that they
will benefit from developing positive early relationships with their body and mind.

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Yoga is a form of exercise involving specific body postures and breath control,
practised for all round health and relaxation. Yoga is known to lead to a sense of
peace and wellbeing.

The breath control enables you to feel calm whilst heightening
awareness of thoughts, sensations, sights, sounds and smells. Once learnt, the

breathing techniques can be used for life.

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  • It builds confidence

  • It promotes a healthy body and mind.

  • It promotes inclusivity – it is non-competitive, and praise is given for effort, not just ability.

  • It improves flexibility, coordination, balance and the ability to follow simple instructions.

  • It gives a sense of calm and reassurance.

  • It improves behaviour and attention.

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I deliver teaching through a fun combination of basic breathing exercises and
simple yoga stretches and postures, which are easy to follow and are accompanied
by stories and songs. This approach is proven to be highly engaging for children of
all ages, helping to positively calm busy minds whilst providing the important
benefits of movement and exercise and providing a mindful message to take away
and remember e.g. respect, courage, kindness, etc.

In addition, the children are encouraged to express their own creativity with time
to explore new postures as well as developing at their own pace.

YOGI’S will result in the children feeling calm, happy and attentive, whilst being
equipped with methods to self-soothe in times of need and eager to enjoy their
next YOGI'S class!


Monday - Friday term time
After School Club provision available


Mondays - 5.30-6.30pm (Hartford)
Tuesdays - 4-5pm (Mobberley)
Wednesdays - 4-5pm (Knutsford)
Saturdays - 8.45-9.45am (Mobberley)

£6.50 per hour

Reduction in cost for block bookings
(All equipment provided)

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"Since the children began Yoga sessions with Catherine, I have noticed that they are starting to show more awareness of their emotions. I have seen several children use the strategies and breathing techniques they have learnt in Yoga to calm themselves down".

Clare - Class Teacher

"I like yoga because it makes me happy. I love, love, love it!"

Martha - age 6

"Yoga is really fun! I like it when Yogi Bear tickles my toes to wake me up"

Edward - age 6

"My Year 2 class do Yogi's once a week and they absolutely love it. Catherine is a fantastic instructor, very patient, calm and caring. The children are really benefiting from their yoga sessions - in particular, it is helping those with anxiety and emotion control difficulties find ways to relax and control their minds and bodies. It is great for fitness and strengthening and Catherine differentiates her sessions for differing fitness abilities so children of all fitness levels can take part and benefit. I would definitely recommend Yogi's."

Mrs B - Class Teacher

I think yoga is really cool, fun, calm and happy. I like my teacher because she is happy and joyful

Seb age 8

Yoga makes me feel calm and happy and I always come out with a smile. It's my favourite part of the day!

Eden age 9

Yoga makes me feel calm and relaxed. So much better at the end of the day.

Lauren age 10

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